Women’s Health

We deliver specialized women’s wellness services, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and much more. All delivered by Dr. McElligott at the Beaverton location.

Meet Dr. McElligott

Women's Doctor, Beaverton OR - Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Elizabeth McElligott has over a decade of experience in medicine and as a licensed healthcare provider. Her approach to healthcare is to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and determine where they are coming from so you can make a meaningful and lasting change in your health. Her specific skills lie in the areas of clinical nutrition, women’s health and holistic dermatology.

Dr. McElligott was born and raised in northern Bronx and spent a large portion of her childhood exploring the deep woods along the Hudson River. She moved to Manhattan as a teenager and was exposed to a wide array of cuisine, cultures and encouraged to explore her passions for Theater and community service among the chaos and beauty of New York City.

Dr. McElligott attended Ithaca College, in a small town in the finger lake region of central New York. Ithaca is known for its abundance of waterfalls and mossy terrain, very similar to the landscape of her new home, the Pacific Northwest. After graduating with an English major and double minors in writing and fine art, she set out on her journey west.

Dr. McElligott’s love of Natural Medicine began while working at a health food store in a small town near Lake Tahoe, California. In trying to overcome her own health issues, she discovered the benefits of dietary supplements, complementary and alternative health, and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. McElligott’s treatment approach combines a variety of natural therapies and lifestyle modifications aimed to bring balance to every system in the body. This includes diet, functional nutrition, lifestyle modification, stress reduction, essential oils, herbs, nutraceuticals, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. McElligott is one of just four certified Wiley Protocol practitioners in the state of Oregon specially trained to design hormone replacement protocols that mimic the hormone levels your body naturally produces in a cyclical rhythm.

Dr. McElligott stays abreast of new treatment methods for various endocrine imbalances and works with many health challenges. She has a particular interest in and passion for treating women’s health and endocrine disorders. Dr. McElligott is a budding homesteader and amateur wood-worker. She enjoys being in nature, gardening, cooking, canning, arts projects and hiking with her dog Fitzgerald.

Women’s Health Services

We offer a number of specific Women’s Health services.


  • Annual exams – Yearly visit with your women’s health provider for general health check including breast exam, pap smear, and prevention.
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) – Natural hormone replacement therapy using only natural FDA approved plant-derived molecules that are identical to the ones found in your own body.
  • Family planning – Comprehensive and integrated contraceptive and fertility counseling and services to assist women in being proactive in planning their families.
  • Functional endocrinology – Holistic approach to balancing hormones including thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.
  • Post-surgical recovery – Comprehensive program to speed recovery, reduce scarring, and regain function.

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