Clinic Team

Naturopath Doctor Tyler Keliiheleua Natural Family Health Clinic Founder
Tyler Keliiheleua, N.D.

Founder of the company and all around great guy. You can find him on his days off planning the next big thing.

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Marlo Natural Family Health Clinic Super Assistant
Super Assistant

A gifted administrator and everyone’s favorite person around the office.

Elizabeth Natural Family Health Clinic Naturopath Doctor
Elizabeth McElligott, N.D.

An expert in integrated medicine Dr. McElligott brings her experience and passion for women’s health and a natural approach to hormone balance.

Chad natural family health clinic infusion specialist
Infusion Specialist

Chad’s unmatched phlebotomy skill and friendly bedside manner means your blood draws and infusions are both painless and a lot of fun.

Deanna Natural Family Health Clinic water guru
Water Guru

Bonafide expert in hydration and clean drinking water. There are no substitutes for what Deanna has to offer.